Volcano durian: South Thailand farmer introduces distinctive breed to nationwide reward

In South Thailand a farmer has successfully grown a singular number of durian, calling it a ‘volcano durian.’ Harvesting started a few days in the past and the fruits, promoting for 200 baht per kilogram, have already attracted quite a few customers from across the nation.
Sixty-year-old Sai Yud Chansawang owns a durian orchard positioned within the Na Yung district, Trang province. With more than 350 durian trees spread across 15 acres, it is southern Thailand’s first known volcano durian orchard. The unique durian and its tantalising taste have lured clients from all elements of the nation, creating an enormous demand. In response, Sai Yud works tirelessly to harvest the volcano durians, the load of which is estimated at about 5,000 kilograms.
“Considering the value we sell a kilogram now, we generate earnings of almost 10,000 baht per day or over 1 million baht yearly.”
Sai Yud solely began promoting the unique volcano durians this 12 months, although they are in their second year of cultivation.
What makes volcano durian special is its natural cultivation, thin shell, and wealthy, aromatic flesh. The seeds too are smaller compared to the common durian varieties, and it’s surprisingly much less pungent. Customers are offered free fruit tasting to make an informed alternative before buying. They could also visit the orchard and handpick the durians, selecting from completely different grades and textures, all of which include a assure against rot.
Sai Yud mentioned that each volcano durian tree yielded 50 to 70 kilograms of fruits, every weighing 3 to 7 kilograms, and a few even heavier at 10 kilograms, which naturally fetches a higher price. She said…
“If the remaining 250 bushes additionally give a full yield, I might effortlessly earn 3 million baht per 12 months.”
Try before you buy and other involved farmers comply with up for information sharing and consultancy on cultivating volcano durian.
Sai Yud, the matriarch in the province’s volcano durian cultivation, identified that within the first yr of gross sales, they sold around 1,500 fruits totalling about 5,000 kilograms or 5 tonnes. She noted that the volcano durians attracted significant curiosity from clients across the country, reported KhaoSod.
“Compared to common durian, the volcano durian variety has a more refined texture and wealthy flavour. Even after being ripened 90%, they still retain their unique taste and texture. We cultivate an eco-friendly crop without counting on any chemicals, providing our clients only the most secure, most delicious, volcano durians.”

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