Thais poke fun at TAT’s “fly the kite” event, the phrase has one other that means in Thailand

Lifetime are having amusing over the headline for a kite festival promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in the Isaan province Buriram. In Thai, the phrase “flying a kite” can mean two completely different things… One is literally flying a kite, whereas the other means male masturbation.
TAT Buriram is promoting the event with the headline “ชักว่าว เคาน์ดาวน์ ปีใหม่ 2565” which translates to “Let’s fly a kite to for the 2022 New Year countdown.” Thais poked fun on the play on phrases, making feedback on the official Facebook publish. One person wrote “I actually do it each countdown” and another stated “Any competitors available? For speed or distance?”
The event will occur from 24 December 2021 to 2 January 2022 at Chang ARENA in Buriram. There shall be a kite competition with massive kites with unique designs. Visitors can join in kite portray, take pleasure in quite a lot of avenue food, and take part in actions and video games similar to these at temple festivals..

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