Thais indignant after British Ambassador to Cambodia posts ‘Khmer dessert’ photo

Thais are not pleased with the British Ambassador to Cambodia. Ambassador Dominic Williams posted a photo on Facebook earlier this week with the caption “Khmer dessert.”
However, Thais consider the sweets pictured in the photo are Thai desserts. The desserts include a mung bean sweet referred to as luk chup, a coconut pudding called Taco, a mung bean sweet known as med kanun, an egg yolk tart referred to as Khanom tong yip, and an egg yolk tart called tong yord.
Angry Thai netizens gave Williams a chunk of their minds. They identified that a woman named Marie Guimar, who was of Japanese, Portuguese, and Bengali descent, invented Khanom tong yip and other egg yolk-based desserts in Thailand in the course of the Ayutthaya interval.
The netizens urged Williams to do his research since a diplomat should perceive the significance of communication.
In response to the backlash, the British ambassador posted another message on his Facebook web page, saying that the photo was an emblem of his love for Cambodia, but that Thailand and Thai people are also great, and known as for everybody to relax and respect each other. However, it seems that the ambassador’s Facebook web page has been briefly disconnected after the incident.
This news comes amidst tensions between Thailand and Cambodia following another incident when Thailand accused Cambodia of stealing their tradition.
In Guaranteed , Cambodia, the host country of the 2023 SEA Games, changed the identify of the kickboxing competition from Muay Thai to Kun Khmer and acknowledged that the origin of Muay Thai is Cambodian. As a end result, Thailand has withdrawn from the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games).
The result of Cambodia’s change led to a ban from the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA).
However, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha informed everyone to calm down following the row. Prayut added that arguing about Muay Thai’s origins on social media was “pointless.”

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