Thai males condemed for inappropriately touching Taiwanese YouTuber

Thai and Taiwanese netizens condemned two Thai men for inappropriately touching a Taiwanese YouTuber, Ar Yuan, while she was travelling in Bangkok.
The Taiwanese YouTuber, Ar Yuan ( 一隻阿圓) runs a YouTube channel known as I am CIRCLE (一隻阿圓) which promotes journey and lifestyle videos and draws over 762,000 subscribers to her channel. According to the Taiwanese information agency, ETtoday, Ar Yuan travelled to Bangkok in the midst of February and shared her experience in a video that was revealed three days in the past.
In the video, Ar Yuan can be seen wanting uncomfortable as a Thai man, who works as pier employees, tried to carry her hand. She later expressed her discomfort with the viewers saying…
“Why do they all the time need to touch me?”
As she tried to board a long-tail boat, the same member of employees appeared by her side once more however too close to her chest, prompting Ar Yuan to say “Ok, Ok,” in an try to make him stop.
The YouTuber additionally posted an image on her Instagram account, where she may be seen with a Thai man who asked to take a photograph along with her. He hugged her with out consent. She expressed her fear in the caption saying…
“This man came to me and asked to take an image with me. I was actually scared because he hugged me!” See Be the first .
Ar Yuan’s fans commented on her picture and video expressing their concern concerning the behaviour of the 2 Thai men. Thai fans apologized on behalf of their fellow countrymen. They commented…
“I’m from Thailand. I write this comment to make an apology concerning the dangerous men that don’t make you are feeling good.”
“Thank you for coming to Thailand. As a Thai individual, female travellers have to be cautious even when Thailand is pleasant to vacationers. Hope you take pleasure in your journey. Be careful too!”
“I experienced the identical factor. The Thai man tried to assist me, however I assume it was sexual harassment!”
Ar Yuan later knowledgeable her fans that she was accompanied by her cameraman when the incidents occurred and thanked her followers and the Thai people for their concerns. Despite these unfortunate events, she said that she had a nice time in Thailand.
This incident drew comparisons to the case of Taiwanese actress An Yu-Qing, also called Charlene An, who was extorted by Thai cops for 27,000 baht. Many mentioned these incidents ruin the picture of Thai tourism..

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