Schofield denies grooming in affair scandal, feels ‘broken and ashamed’

Phillip Schofield has expressed his remorse and shame following a scandal involving a relationship with a youthful male colleague, while denying allegations of grooming. The 61-year-old resigned from ITV final week and was dropped by talent company YMU after admitting to an “unwise but not illegal” affair with the youthful colleague.
In an interview with The Sun, Schofield emphasised that he didn’t groom the person and expressed his deepest apologies to his former lover for bringing distress into his life. He added that he would “die sorry” for his actions. The relationship occurred previous to Schofield publicly popping out as homosexual and while he was still married to his spouse, Stephanie Lowe.
ITV has initiated an external review to ascertain the facts surrounding the connection between Schofield and his This Morning colleague. Schofield married Lowe in 1993 and came out as homosexual on This Morning in 2020.
He revealed to The Sun that his wife was “very, very angry” when he confessed to her concerning the affair with the younger ITV colleague, as he had beforehand denied any rumours of the connection. Nest egg from This Morning followed weeks of speculation about a rift between him and co-presenter Holly Willoughby. Willoughby said that Schofield lied to her about the affair, calling it “very hurtful.”

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