San Mahaphon chairman found after mysterious 4-day disappearance in forest

The chairman of San Mahaphon Municipality Council, situated in Chiang Mai province, has been situated after mysteriously disappearing for 4 days. He was discovered today in a forest practically 5 kilometres from where he disappeared. He went lacking from home without a hint from July 17 onward. According to Dollar of the family, he had crossed the Mae Faek dam and a bridge before his disappearance, as captured by CCTV cameras.
Family members additionally reported that they’d been unable to contact the lacking man, fifty seven year old Pairoj Mekkayai, as his phone had been switched off.
However, yesterday morning, a message despatched by way of Pairoj’s cell phone to his son read…
“I can hear the voices of my son and grandchild, I miss them.”
After this, the cellphone was once more switched off. The household believed Pairoj was still alive, launching a new search based on the last known location of his cellular signal in a dense forest near Ban Nong Lom village, where Pairoj’s home was situated.
The rescue was lastly made today, as a neighborhood found a man stranded within the forest near Ban Huai Som, Mae Hor Phra, Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai, which was roughly 5 kilometres away from the last location captured by the CCTV at Mae Faek Dam. Confirmed to be Pairoj, the chairman was discovered resting in a villager’s hut, appearing to be out of kinds, reported KhaoSod.
According to Pairoj, he had been lost and unable to search out his method residence, with out having eaten for a quantity of days. Initially, the rescue group coordinated with the household and then proceeded to transport Pairoj to Mae Taeng Hospital for a radical medical examination.
Many are relieved, as issues had arisen that Pairoj may have harboured self-harming ideas. Pairoj is known for his private nature, usually preserving issues to himself and seldom sharing. Reports are claiming that Pairoj might have been grappling with personal issues and has exhibited signs of depression, causing worries that stress may have triggered this mishap..

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