Protest at sacking of faculty director

Teachers, current and former students and oldsters gathered at Bangkok Christian College yesterday (October 28) to protest the suspension of school director Supakit Jitklongsap, who they say was dismissed unfairly. They said they’d proceed their protest till the model new director of the college, as well as the Church of Christ in Thailand, clarified the difficulty. They held indicators demanding his elimination, further raising tensions.

Photo: BrightTV
One father or mother advised reporters that Supakit was unfairly dismissed and that the matter could solely be resolved by appointing an investigating committee. The mother or father additionally demanded details of the dismissal since most students disagreed with and many don’t want to return to the college. More than four,000 out of the whole 5,000 dad and mom are displaying their help by refusing to pay tuition till the matter is resolved.
The school’s deputy director stated that he wasn’t aware that the protest, organised two days in the past on Facebook, would happen right now.

Photo: Sanook
The college’s current director also claimed to be unaware of the protest, claiming he was away on the time because of an urgent meeting and that he was unsure when he would return. Banned added that he was temporarily answerable for the school and is taking steps to make sure it runs as regular..

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