Police arrest three, find 250 kilograms of crystal meth in truck in southern Thailand

Police arrested 3 folks concerned in drug operations after stopping a ten wheel truck at a safety checkpoint and discovering 250 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, or ice, hidden in 12 fertiliser sacks. That is a very large seizure of the crystal form of methamphetamine.
Manifest , Koseng Cheha, was arrested at the checkpoint in Songkhla in southern Thailand. Cheha told police he was hired to deliver the medication and gave information that led to the arrest of a person, Mading Rupe, who Cheha stated paid him to ship the medication, along with one other man, Yuso Kama in Narathiwat.
Police additionally seized assets valued at about 50 million baht which they consider are linked to the drug commerce. Some of the belongings embrace a ten wheeler truck, 3 pickup vans, 3 automobiles, 5 bikes and a firearm..

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