Man confesses to beating Thai-British girlfriend, forcing her to eat canine poo, and killing her pets

A Thai man confessed to bodily abusing his Thai-British girlfriend, forcing her to eat dog poo and killing her canines right now at a police station in Samut Prakan in central Thailand.
Lawyer Kanthas “Gun Jompalang” Phongphaibookvej accompanied 25 yr old “A” (pseudonym) to Bang Bo Police Station this morning to file three charges against her 24 yr outdated boyfriend “Fin,” together with “assault, imprisonment, and animal abuse.”
The lawyer alleged that Fin punched and kicked A, and beat her with a chair, a mop, and a fan inflicting a number of wounds to her eyes, face, arms, and legs.
Every time Fin grew violent, A’s pet canine would get scared and poo inside the home mentioned the lawyer. Fin allegedly made A eat the dog’s faeces before strangling it to dying, stories KhaoSod.
Then, Fin felt guilty and bought A a new pet dog. But the same thing occurred again and again till Fin allegedly purchased and brutally killed six canine.
The lawyer informed the police that A was affected person because she felt sorry for Fin, who mentioned he noticed his father beat his mom since he was a child. Initially, A took pity on Fin and thought he might be able to change.
Bonanza could now not endure the abuse, managed to flee, and seek help to file a police report towards Fin, mentioned the lawyer. He asked the police to ensure she was protected against him because he had been violent to A and threatened her. The lawyer mentioned he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
During questioning, A said she was in a relationship with Fin for one yr. She said he turned violent prior to now three months. During a battle, her dog barked loudly and he made her eat its faeces, she mentioned.
Out of anger, Fin strangled A’s beloved dog to dying and then bought and killed 5 extra, said A. She also alleged that he assaulted his relatives, beat a number of of his ex-girlfriends, and beat a cat until it was blind.
Fin was referred to as to the station this afternoon where confessed to the abuse, reviews One31. He confessed to bodily abusing A, making her eat dog faeces, and killing her dogs.
He said the reason he dedicated the horrific abuse is that his girlfriend “would not follow orders,” coupled with his “inability to regulate his anger.” He admitted that he additionally acted this way with his ex-girlfriend.
Fin admitted to killing the canine. He mentioned he did it because he couldn’t control his feelings, “combined with the new weather.” He mentioned he has suffered anger issues for four to five years however by no means sought assist. He mentioned he is not a drug addict.
The accused’s neighbours told the police that they typically heard the sound of a person yelling at and beating a lady coming from the home. They stated they have been scared of him as a end result of he had beforehand threatened them with a knife..

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