Korat restaurant’s distinctive billing system in Laotian kip amuses diners

Imagine having fun with a fantastic meal and, when the bill comes, it prices lots of of hundreds. Ready in Korat has been giving a shock that turns into amusement amongst diners with its unusual billing system.
The eatery, which has been extensively shared on social media, costs customers lots of of hundreds for their meals – however in Laotian kip, not Thai baht. The restaurant house owners explained that they hoped to create a fun and unique eating experience for their patrons.
The meal prices in Kip can be shocking as 100 Thai baht is presently 55,411 Laotian Kip, which means even a 500 baht meal at the restaurant would lead to a bill displaying 277,000 owed.
Situated within the heart of Nakhon Ratchasima, the restaurant, named “Luang Prabang’s Tam” at handle 1065, Moo 2, Sripho Klang Road, Parichat Soi 2, Pho Klang Subdistrict, Mueang District (behind Surathamphithak Camp), has caught the attention of many for its distinctive concept.
The lovely eatery is adorned in Isaan type with a pool within the centre surrounded by fountains, waterfalls, and plush greenery. Several pavilions are dotted around the water for patrons to enjoy their meals. The restaurant employees, dressed in traditional Laotian clothes, add to the authentic ambiance.
The menu features a choice of conventional Isaan and signature dishes from Luang Prabang, such as Luang Prabang’s Tam, a salad made with thinly sliced papaya, shrimp paste, and crab sauce from Laos. Other signature dishes include a spicy salad made with pork or beef, a noodle soup just like Thai noodles but with larger, softer noodles, and a rooster soup with basil leaves.
Each dish is priced in each Thai baht and Laotian kip. For instance, Luang Prabang’s Tam costs 70 baht or 35,000 kip.
When customers obtain their bill, they are initially shocked to see the total amounting to tons of of hundreds. For instance, one buyer named Prapun, who dined with his family, was taken aback when the invoice got here to 447,500. However, the workers quickly clarified that the sum was in Laotian kip, and the actual cost in Thai baht was a mere 895, causing the family to burst into laughter.
The restaurant’s owner, Itthipon Saengcharusporn, revealed that he initially ran a scorching pot restaurant earlier than Covid-19 struck. He then opened one other restaurant in Laos but had to shut it down when the pandemic hit.
Facing economic difficulties, he determined to transform his sizzling pot restaurant right into a Laotian restaurant, and the thought to cost in Laotian kip was born. This distinctive twist has attracted many purchasers, and the restaurant has become a viral sensation on social media.
The main objective, in accordance with Itthipon, is to provide customers with delicious meals and a enjoyable experience that leaves them smiling.
For those thinking about visiting “Luang Prabang’s Tam” it is open daily from 12.30pm to 9.30pm. Further info may be found on their Facebook fan page “Luang Prabang’s Tam by Warm Homestay.”

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