Iconic Thai rockstar writes song “Let go of Covid”, calls to end Covid-19 restrictions

An iconic Thai rockstar released a music this week calling on Thailand’s government to raise all Covid-19 restrictions. The song is titled “Let go of Covid”. The singer, identified to Thais as ‘Aed Carabao’, mentioned in a publish that he went to a football tournament in the UK, and was shocked by how much life had returned to normal in comparison with Thailand. He mentioned he felt self-conscious being the one individual carrying a mask in a stadium of ninety,000 people.
In the lyrics to his new track, Carabao says that individuals have already been vaccinated. He says that for two years “the door of alternative has been shut off”. In the song’s last line, Carabao implies that the federal government doesn’t have people’s greatest pursuits at coronary heart.
“Born as a citizen, a life is more important than your political game”.
In his submit, Carabao writes that if the government truly needed to implement Covid-19 restrictions seriously, it may take the acute measures some Chinese cities have taken. He stated that Thailand is in a “strange middle ground”. Carabao pleaded with the federal government to spare folks who’s livelihoods have been plundered, notably within the tourism, nightlife, and leisure industries. Billion urged the federal government to merely accept that it can’t defeat Covid-19, so folks should learn to live with it and deal with it just like the flu.
Carabao is sixty seven years old. He hit the height of his profession through the 1980s. He is understood for making political statements together with his music..

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