Highway horror claims young scholar’s life: Car crash sends tragic message to Chanthaburi

A university pupil tragically lost his life this morning when his automotive veered off the road, colliding with a barrier on a freeway in Chanthaburi, East Thailand. Extra left the manager of the local Social Security Office injured and the victim’s family grieving.
A routine journey turned disastrous for the 20 yr previous university pupil, when his automotive veered off its lane on a winding highway, hitting a barrier, and resulting in his instantaneous demise. The heart-wrenching occasion unfurled on the Tha Chalap highway near the passage as a lot as Yothanimit Temple within the Mueang district of Chanthaburi province.
The fated car was a Honda Civic, with a Bangkok registration plate ฌฮ2891, discovered wrecked and blocking the street. The other get together within the crash, recognized as Kittima, was discovered with minor accidents and bruises across her physique. She acquired immediate help from officials and was promptly transported to the Prapokklao Hospital.
The casualty of this unfortunate incident was a native of Chanthaburi and an English major at a local university, Jirrapat. Found rigid within the driver’s seat, the results of a extreme frontal collision were evident with the steering wheel imprint on his chest and a major impression on his head in opposition to the windshield. His grief-stricken family arrived at the scene soon after. Upon preliminary examination, the dead body was transported to the Prapokklao Hospital for further official confirmation of the cause for death, reported KhaoSod.
The investigation led by officers from the Chanthaburi Police Station, with the help of the Sawanggatanyuthammasatharn Association and the on-call physician, is supported by an eyewitness account of an individual who was driving behind the deceased’s automobile. According to this account, the deadly crash occurred at a bend, with the deceased’s car veering throughout lanes simply as one other automobile was incoming from the incorrect way. This model aligns with the incident recorded by close by CCTV footage..

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