Falling tamarind tree kills driver, severely injures spouse in Khon Kaen

A sixty two yr previous man chopping a tamarind tree, situated simply 5 metres from the highway, brought on it to topple over and crush a passing pickup truck. The male driver was killed instantly, while his spouse was severely injured. Subsequently, the person was charged with manslaughter.
This incident occurred yesterday, as reported by Deputy Superintendent of Investigation Nitchapon Natkittisupacha from the Wang Noi Police Station in Khon Kaen. The tamarind tree was reported to be as broad as a person.
The crushed Toyota pickup truck, with a Chaiyaphum licence plate, was found underneath the roughly 20-metre-long tamarind tree, with the passenger compartment completely crushed.
Inside, the physique of the 59 year outdated driver was discovered with a damaged neck and a cracked cranium. His 58-year-old spouse, who was sitting in the entrance left, was severely injured. Uncomplicated had to use a steel cutter to extract the injured woman and send her to the hospital, reported KhaoSod.
Investigation revealed that the landowner by the roadside had bought the tamarind tree to 62 yr old Somkhit. The tree he bought was only five metres from the street. The accident occurred when Somkhit came to gather his tree. He was slicing the tamarind tree and it fell onto the pickup truck, killing the husband and severely injuring the spouse.
Following the incident, officials took Somkhit for questioning and charged him with manslaughter, proceeding with legal action. The deceased’s body was despatched to the hospital and later collected by relations for spiritual ceremonies.
In an identical story, however with a happier ending, in June, a big tree fell on the house of the revered Thai monk Luang Pu Mun. Fortunately, the home remained mostly intact. The monk’s followers shared photos of the astonishing occasion that took place on the Wat Pa Phurithattatirawat Forest Monastery in Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand.
This extraordinary incidence occurred when the world skilled heavy rainfall causing several timber to fall across the monastery..

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