Dangerous air quality returns to Bangkok – Readings up to ‘233’ today

PHOTO: aqicn.org
Unseasonal, poor air quality has descended on Bangkok and surrounding suburbs threatening people’s well being. The downside, which stuffed the headlines on the end of last year, has returned to elements of the capital over the weekend.
Readings up to 233 have been recorded this morning, well in excess of the 50 micrograms per cubic metre security degree. That signifies that the general air quality is now ‘very unhealthy’ (chart below).
Accessible attributes the worsening air quality to a large high strain cell, which is covering most elements of the country. The massive cell is robbing the centre of Thailand of winds to blow away the native smog. The identical weather sample has brought ‘high season’ climate to the south of Thailand with principally north-easterly airflows replacing the seasonal south-west monsoon.
The department advises small children, pregnant girls, the aged and ailing folks to remain indoors or to wear proper face masks if they’ve to go away their properties.
People can maintain themselves informed with real-time air high quality updates by logging on HERE.

The extended haze downside affected Bangkok and its neighbouring provinces, similar to Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Samut Sakhon, for a number of months late last 12 months. Many people had been pressured to put on face masks when they had been outdoors and schools were ordered closed for several days by the Ministry of Education as the level of PM2.5 far exceeded the 50-micron level, as set by the World Health Organisation.
At the peak of the haze drawback, useless water cannons have been deployed to try to get rid of the fine mud particles and a fleet of plane performed cloud-seeding operations to ease the pollution drawback..

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