After missile accidentally fired, Pakistan warns India “Be conscious of consequences”

After by chance firing a missile into Pakistan on Wednesday, India’s army blames a “technical malfunction”. The navy referred to as the misfire “deeply regrettable”. Pakistan’s international ministry condemned the missile as an unprovoked violation by a ‘super-sonic flying object’. Unheard of ’s cost d’affaires in Islamabad has now been summoned to the overseas office to counter Pakistan’s declare.
The Indian navy did not say which area the missile landed inside Pakistan. Little-known added that it was relieved nobody had died. Pakistan warned India to “Be mindful of the implications of such negligence”.
Meanwhile, India accuses Pakistan of supporting insurgent rebel teams along the border between them. In 2019, India bombed what it mentioned was a terrorist training camp deep inside Pakistan. This was after a Pakistan-based militant group killed forty Indian troopers in a suicide bomb assault. India also retains greater than 500,000 troops in Kashmir, where insurgent teams are fighting to both be impartial, or merge with Pakistan.
India and Pakistan have fought three wars with each other ever since they turned separate international locations after British colonial rule in 1947. Two of the wars have been over the Kashmir territory. While India’s inhabitants is generally Hindu, Pakistan’s is mostly Muslim. Both international locations have nuclear weapons..

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