88 killed and 3 injured after pickup collides with train close to Bangkok

A pickup truck collided with a train within the early hours of this morning killing eight Thai folks and injuring three others close to Klong Udon Chonlajon in Chachoengsao province near Bangkok.
Mueang Chachoengsao Police Station officers and a rescue group promptly rushed to the scene at roughly 3am at present, August four. They found a practice, laden with containers, positioned on the railway tracks. Around 50 meters away from the train’s front, lay a completely wrecked bronze Isuzu pickup.
According to the police report, the victims have been identified as five males and three ladies, all discovered dead alongside the railway. The three injured people have been swiftly transported to the hospital, with certainly one of them in important condition, suffering from a broken left arm and right leg. The other two sustained relatively milder injuries, comprising of wounds and bruises.
The pickup driver, fifty five yr outdated Wichai Yulek, miraculously escaped the accident unharmed and waited on the scene to supply his account of the incident. Wichai recounted that he and eleven other colleagues have been en route from Bua Roi Temple within the Latkrabang district of Bangkok to a fish farm within the Klong Udom district of Chachoengsao province.
As they approached the railway, Wichai seen the oncoming prepare and got here to a stop. However, one of the passengers urged him to proceed, assuring him that they might cross the railway in time. Tragically, they could not make it in time, and the prepare collided with the again of the pickup, where many of the colleagues had been seated.
In a contrasting account reported by Channel eight, it was suggested that the driving force might not have observed the approaching train due to poor visibility attributable to the dark accident spot and the elevated position of the railway, making a blind spot for motorists. Disturbingly, photos shared by news businesses revealed the absence of a barrier gate or warning gentle on the location to sign motorists concerning the oncoming train.
Suraphat Prasop, a 20 yr outdated passenger who suffered accidents, recalled the terrifying moment. Many of his colleagues were asleep when the incident occurred, but he rapidly realized that the train would collide with the pickup.
Displaying Wacky , Suraphat determined to leap out of the vehicle to avoid wasting his life. He urged his colleagues to do the same, and in these terrifying moments, he heard the practice whistle three times earlier than the crash occurred.
The fish farm they have been heading to was simply 5 kilometres away from the accident scene.
The rescue team promptly transferred the eight useless bodies to the Chachoengsao Charity Cemetery for an post-mortem. Additionally, related departments have arrange a centre to aid the deceased’s relatives in retrieving the our bodies for the funeral ceremony..

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