6 Vietnamese timber smugglers arrested in Isaan wildlife sanctuary

Wildlife rangers and officers from Chaiyaphum Police Station arrested six Vietnamese timber smugglers on the weekend at Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary in Chaiyaphum province in the Isaan area of Thailand.
The suppression of the Vietnamese timber smuggling gangs began last year after Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary wildlife rangers have been notified that a group of Vietnamese males entered the sanctuary to obtain agarwood.
Following Fast , on November 25 last year, officers encountered four smugglers but they managed to flee. However, one of many smugglers, a Vietnamese citizen, was arrested on December 2. Officers seized roughly 64 kilograms of agarwood pieces through the arrest.
From January of this yr, the wildlife rangers frequently patrolled the world and located additional proof resulting in the smuggling gang’s exercise. The information they gathered led to the arrest of the six Vietnamese timber smugglers on Saturday, March 18.
The arrested suspects were Dang Hiep, Tran Cao Cuong, Nguyen Van Binh, Hoang Van Ba, Hoang Van An, and Hoang Xuan Van. Officers confiscated 171 kilograms of agarwood, two automobiles, and different tools as proof.
The gang face nine costs for violating the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, Forest Act, and National Forest Act. The specific particulars of every offence and penalty haven’t been reported by the authorities.
Officers also reported that other suspects in the gang are nonetheless at massive, and their legal acts have been found to be related to other overseas legal teams in Thailand. They not only smuggled agarwood but in addition smuggled different treasured timber and trafficked protected wildlife.
According to the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, between 2009 and the present, 41 Vietnamese suspects have been arrested in Thailand while 23 suspects have been arrested in Malaysia for agarwood smuggling and Bengal tiger hunting.
Agarwood, often identified as Kritsana wood in Thailand, is very valued as a end result of its distinct aroma and potential well being advantages. The wooden has a protracted history of use in conventional drugs, fragrance making, and spiritual ceremonies. Agarwood can be used to make incense and different fragrances and is a well-liked ingredient in Thai therapeutic massage oils.
Thailand is one of the world’s largest producers of agarwood, and the wooden is present in varied regions all through the country. However, as a result of over-harvesting and illegal commerce, agarwood is becoming more and more scarce and costly.
In Thailand, various measures have been implemented to protect the wood. Any harvesting or trading should be carried out underneath the laws and laws. The worth of agarwood can differ depending on high quality and rarity, the rarest and highest quality agarwood can sell for tens of thousands of dollars per kilogramme..

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