Thai officers watching chook flu after a woman’s demise in China

While Covid-19 and Omicron are on everyone’s thoughts, the Department of Livestock Development has gone on excessive alert after a lady died from the bird flu last month. The woman died in China of the H5N6 strain of avian influenza and officials in Thailand are focused on making sure the virus doesn’t make it across the border and into the country.
Bird flu has been on the rise all through the complete 12 months with the World Organisation for Animal Health saying that 61 people have been infected this yr with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. In the Sichuan province of China, a 54 year outdated girl was stricken with the virus and died on November 23.
While Thailand seems to be secure for now, the Livestock Department is limiting the import and export of animals from any country that has recognized an infection of the fowl flu to be able to stop the potential for instances inside Thailand. The director-general of the department reports that there have been no cases in people nor any present in animals in Thailand.
Nevertheless, officers have been warned to take preventive measures and to observe their livestock, particularly in provinces and areas along the international borders. The division also asks that farmers maintain an particularly close watch on all of their animals and their health to detect any attainable fowl flu. The director-general asked anybody who notices any abnormal signs of their animals, or any unusual death, to contact the authorities instantly to guarantee that them to give help.
Building blocks who does encounter an issue or has any questions or is in want of any assistance can contact the Department of Livestock Development, the Bureau of Disease Control and Veterinary Service, or use the DLD software, or name the hotline 063-225-6888..

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